The Benefit of Choosing the Right Design Build Firm for Your Luxury Home in Miami

You’ve set aside a healthy budget to build the luxury home of your dreams. By all means, you’re ready to make the investment and see your vision come to reality. It may be no secret to you that Miami is a hot market – sales are up and according to recent data, prices per square foot have increased over 17% in Miami Beach from Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2015. So, in an effort to build your luxury dream home and to maximize your investment, it’s plausible to want to find ways to make your dollar work harder and go farther for you. One of your most important decision will be choosing how to initiate, execute, and complete your project – preferably on time and on budget, of course.

Traditional Project Delivery vs. Design Build Delivery

Many owners looking to build a luxury home in Miami might be inclined to go the traditional route.  In this model the owner hires an architect and/or designer (and sub-consultants), who then delivers construction plans to a General Contractor, who then sends the plans out for bidding. This usually means the two or more entities must work together, preparing bids deep into the project lifecycle. This can cause delays and redesigns due to unexpected budget increases together with misaligned communication issues between the contractor(s) and designer(s) – not to mention plans that may fail to meet the zoning and local codes. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but know that it will cost you more money and it will take you longer to receive delivery of your new home. In a traditional delivery model you’ll also be acting as the middleman to settle any potential disputes or issues that arise between the contractor and the design team.

Traditional Contracting Approach is Inefficient

The traditional model is an outdated linear approach where contractors work in isolation; concentrating on their own concerns resulting in a poor communication process that hurts the overall process. In fact, Buildworks is often hired at any given point in this “linear” process (even if plans have already been created) to facilitate a team approach and resurrect a project toward the goal, on budget and on time.

The traditional building model follows these basic steps:
traditional project delivery

Design Build Approach Reduces Costs and Delivers Projects Faster

The Design Build process is a much more integrative, efficient and dynamic process. It combines design teams, engineers, contractors, and consultants with systems, business structures, and practices. It is a collaborative effort with the expertise of all stakeholders being utilized from the beginning of the project.

At Buildworks, we practice and believe that the sooner we can engage all stakeholders, the more cost effective your project will be, the more time we can save you, and ultimately accelerate delivery of your project.

Here’s an example of our philosophy to an integrative Design Build Process:

Design Build Project Delivery
Pre-Design Consultation
o   What’s your project vision?

o   What are your project goals?

o   Are they achievable?

o   Are they measurable?

o   What’s your timeline?

o   What is your budget?

o   Lifestyle Analysis / Programming Questions?

o   What is your aesthetic preference?

o   How does your budget align with your preference for fixtures and equipment?

Construction Plans
o   Do we meet all local zoning codes?

  • Building Height
  • Floor Area Ratio
  • Open Space
  • Density
  • Landscaping restrictions

Submittal to city for building permit
o   Approval

Bidding Process
o   Can we value engineer some design elements to meet budgetary goals?




According to the Design Build Institute, going with a reputable design build firm will lower your overall cost by up to 20% and speed up the overall project schedule by up to 35% versus the traditional approach owners take to build a new home. In the design build approach, bids are prepared early on to get all parties involved on the same page, preempting unexpected future costs and potential project delays. As the owner of the property, you’ll also have a different role if you choose the design build approach because you’ll be provided with a single point of contact that will act as the liaison between architects, designers, and contractors. This means less headaches for you, the owner.

Benefit of Choosing the Right Design Build Firm for Your Luxury Home in Miami

In the Miami luxury home market where budgets can range between $300 and $1000/sq ft, a 10% to 20% cost reduction can mean saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the potential cost savings are reason enough, it’s important that you find a reputable, experienced design build firm. Otherwise, how can you be assured that you are getting what you signed up for?

Any design build firm worth looking at will provide you with a plan that not only matches your vision, but also puts you in the driver’s seat of your project. At Buildworks, we’ve developed a completely transparent process complemented with a leading edge technology platform that provides owners with access to real-time data on the project. Everything is available at your fingertips – contracts, schedule of values, bid lists, purchase orders, original Invoices, and payments are all accessible from any device. As an owner, you will receive daily logs of all on-site activities, including weather information, work performed, deliveries, inspections, complete with safety and productivity reports.

If you’re looking to build a luxury home in Miami, Buildworks is your team – you can contact us here. We provide you with a high-touch, premium service level that is unmatched in Miami and South Florida. With over 25 years of experience, we work with discerning clients, matching the finest skilled craftsman and highest quality product lines to bring your luxury home concept to reality.

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